Repurposing Your Candle Jar

Our glass jars are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When you're done with your candle you can reuse and repurpose the jar for your own personal use at home or it can be recycled. You can easily repurpose your old candle jar by removing the leftover wax and cleaning your jar with some soap and water. Please do not wash your jar without removing the wax first, we promise it won't be pretty if you attempt to.

Here's 3 ways you can reuse your jar by repurposing it:

1. For plants and florals - both fresh & dried.

2. For bathroom toiletries - such as cotton pads & q-tips

3. For your pens and pencils - keep your desk organized while you work from home

We hope this gives you some inspiration as to how you can repurpose your candle jar. We'd love to see how you choose to repurpose your jars in your home! Tag us in your photos @judesandco